For many of the families at Mary’s Home, Christmas at Mary’s Home may be the first time in a long time they have a place to call their own and make Christmas memories together.

This is a story from the perspective of one of the children at Mary’s Home.

My mom and I are making Christmas cookies! She’s letting me decorate them with red and green frosting and put sparkly sprinkles on top that you can eat. We’ve never done this before, and I think we should make cookies and decorate them for every holiday. 

Things have changed since we moved into Mary’s Home. My mom is happier and she goes to work every day and I get to go to school and play with my friends. I have my own bed and I help pack my lunch. I read to my mom at night because I know how to read now. 

Before we came here, we never cooked because we lived in our car. We’d leave the windows cracked at night because it was so hot. I could hear dogs barking and cars swooshing by before I fell asleep. My bed here is a lot better, and my mom keeps saying we should be so thankful for our home. I am. 

After we finish decorating the cookies, mom says we’ll put them on plates and bring them to our friends. I’m going to help her make cards that say, “Merry Christmas.” I can’t wait! I hope I get to eat some of the cookies too!  

Dream Centers occasionally shares stories reflective of the real life experiences of women and families we have served. Please know that all names have been changed and descriptive life events edited to protect all actual parties involved. Dream Centers is unable to regulate outside subsequent commentary on or distribution of those stories. We value every woman and family we serve and are committed to doing everything possible to protect their privacy.