For the moms at Mary’s Home, oftentimes some of the smallest moments matter the most. This encouraging story comes from a former Mary’s Home mom, who found her story crafted by traditions like doing laundry every Saturday morning while at Mary’s Home with her son.

It was the littlest of things that I knew mattered the most. I was learning a new space and life with him which made simple tasks like laundry that much more important. It was less about what we were doing and more about doing them together.

Every Saturday morning we would spend sorting our clothes, putting them into bags and then heading down the stairs to the first floor for the laundry room. His eyes would light up as he pushed the start button and heard the washer begin to turn. We would sit together and talk about what we exciting things were planned for the week, what we were scared about, what we would eat for dinner that night, as our clothes washed loudly in the background.

With each buzzer, he would jump to grab the wet clothes and shove them into the dryer. More tumbling. More discussions about our future and all the fun that was yet to be had. I would pull out a pack of chocolate from my purse and we would eat it together. It was our special treat. 

And there, with each piece of our clothing folded, I began to see that these seemingly trivial moments were crafting me. They were crafting us. For the first time in years, we finally had something that we did together consistently. It was uniquely and succinctly ours to enjoy. Instead of dreading doing laundry, we made it a day out together. We made it a time where we could enjoy each other without any expectation or pressure from anything else around us.

Saturday laundry was the foundation that we were building our life. It was consistently simple and that’s exactly what we needed on these slow Saturday mornings.

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