Navigating a diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. At the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic, we do more than just diagnose and treat illnesses, but walk alongside the women we serve as they learn to navigate their new normal.

A cancer diagnosis comes with a tidal wave of emotions. Anger, grief, sadness, and anxiety crash over you, leaving it hard to breathe, let alone think clearly or make sound decisions. The weight of it can pull you under and make you feel helpless. That’s what happened to Christine last week.

Last month, Christine was diagnosed with cancer at the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic. At first, the staff and volunteers were there to pray with her and help soften the initial shock and terror. But, when she got home and began to navigate the waves of paperwork, phone calls, and appointment scheduling, she started to sink into a sea of overwhelming hopelessness.

In a flood of tears, she reached out the Women’s Clinic. Going over and above, like they generally do, they invited Christine to the office for assistance. The staff took the time to lovingly help her complete the mountain of paperwork and schedule her treatment.

After days of frustrating phone calls and abrupt responses, all Christine needed was someone to show her love that day. Christine received the surgery she needed last week, and she is currently on the path to recovery.

Dream Centers occasionally shares stories reflective of the real life experiences of women and families we have served. Please know that all names have been changed and descriptive life events edited to protect all actual parties involved. Dream Centers is unable to regulate outside subsequent commentary on or distribution of those stories. We value every woman and family we serve and are committed to doing everything possible to protect their privacy.