At Dream Centers, the importance of the work we do on a daily basis is palpable. Our staff is passionate about what they do, and day after day pour their hearts into serving the women and families at the Women’s Clinic and at Mary’s Home. 

Each year, we take time away to pour back into our staff for a Staff Retreat. This year, we headed into the mountains for a few days of refreshment and vision casting for 2020.

Special thanks to staff member Stacey Noble for sharing her thoughts from this year’s retreat! Stacey was a volunteer for many years and joined the Dream Centers staff full time in 2019. She serves with the Women’s Clinic.

Dream Centers Staff Retreat 2019

I became a staff member not too long ago, so this was my first retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect…

The very best thing was being able to worship and pray together as a staff. I believe that when you worship and pray with people, it helps bond you together. To be able to do that with people I work with on a regular basis was a great experience. I feel closer to those I didn’t know very well before the retreat, and even closer to those I have known for the last four years. Worship was one of my favorite parts of this year’s retreat.

Many retreats I’ve attended in my life have been packed with full schedules—going here, there, and everywhere. I fully enjoyed having free time to rest and get to know each other. My quiet time and my fellowship time were both meaningful and restful. I came home to tell my husband that this was a true “retreat.” I was not only rested, but also full of stories and moments that I shared with others.

Hearing from our leaders—Matthew, Michael, and Yvette—was absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed hearing what was in their hearts. It was obvious that they love the team and love our mission and calling as a ministry. Hearing their personal experiences reinforced my excitement to be a part of this team. The sessions were informative and inspiring. I felt more equipped and encouraged to come back to work that next week and do my very best, knowing the support, both spiritual and practical, that we have from our leaders.

I am so thrilled to be part of this Dream Centers team. This year’s retreat was wonderful and I enjoyed relaxing with the team. Here’s to 2020!

Dream Centers occasionally shares stories reflective of the real life experiences of women and families we have served. Please know that all names have been changed and descriptive life events edited to protect all actual parties involved. Dream Centers is unable to regulate outside subsequent commentary on or distribution of those stories. We value every woman and family we serve and are committed to doing everything possible to protect their privacy.