This is a story from one of the incredible volunteer teachers at Mary’s Home who co-teaches the Alpha course, which explores questions about Christian faith.

I had the privilege of co-leading an Alpha course for the Mary’s Home mothers. This is a Christian faith-based course, with the simple goal of facilitating conversation, creating a safe place to ask questions and explore beliefs. We don’t have a set structure, but simply want our time to encourage personal exploration. 

We met over breakfast once a week, and let the moms generate the topics they wanted to talk about. I think many people see these mothers as helpless or defeated, but that couldn’t be more inaccurate. It was inspiring to listen to their questions, to watch the way they process their faith and understanding. They are courageous and determined. They are fighting for their children with passion and hope. They are working through their struggles and trying to move forward. 

Many of these mothers have faced incredible trauma, life-changing and paralyzing things. These experiences have inevitably shaped their belief, their view of God. The mothers have to do hard work and ask hard questions to understand their own stories.

And here’s what I learned. The transformation didn’t happen in answering these questions, in tying up their faith and beliefs with a pretty bow. The transformation happened in the asking. In the talking. In the trusting and opening up and sharing with the community. 

We, as teachers, got to see the community grow and blossom over the breakfast table. We got to see these women share their pain and start to understand that they aren’t alone. That there are others asking the same questions, dealing with the same struggles, fighting the same fight. This was the life-changing work — the talking and crying and holding hands. The asking and seeking and knocking. This is where we saw these women change, right before our very eyes.

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