Beautiful Wonder

Beautiful Wonder

“May we never lose our wonder, wide-eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our King.”
– Amanda Cook, Bethel Music

Like the lyrics of this song, all of creation constantly reminds us of the wonder and beauty of our King. As we peer into the wonders of creation we see that God is constantly at work, creating new beauty for us to behold. God’s ultimate masterpiece in our world is people. When we gaze upon people, we gaze upon the most mysterious and beautiful image of Christ.

As people are joined together by the Dream Centers narrative, we join in a heavenly song that proclaims the beautiful wonder of God’s creation. We wonder when a vulnerable woman bowed over in pain and sadness enters into the rainbow of colors at the Women’s Clinic. We know that God is at work, creating new beauty. Like children, we stare when this precious woman is mysteriously embraced by the majesty of His love as she receives medical care, prayer, and healing.

We are wide-eyed when the mothers at Mary’s Home decide to gather with their children to prepare gifts for the homeless. We are mystified when they gently remind us to not call the homeless “homeless” but rather people in need. We wonder when we go out together to share love, food, socks, and prayer with lonely people sitting on the streets of our city. We stare at the beauty of our King when these same lonely people encourage us all with hope and prayers.

When our lives intersect with the plight of the needy in the Park Hill neighborhood through the Adopt-A-Block outreach, we wonder at the mysterious creation of rich community among so many diverse people. We join in celebratory song with the young adult men and women at Joel Home who have found the deep love of family after foster care. We all gaze in wonder upon the transformed lives of one another, churches, providers, recipients, donors, volunteers and staff.

For us who join in with Dream Centers, “may we never lose our wonder, wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our King”.

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