Everyone wanting to serve God by joining in His mission of loving people should know that we aren’t becoming heroes. We aren’t a cadre of elite spiritual forces. We are becoming real by simply responding to God’s great love, and we are discovering our humanity—every ethnic group, every color, every person—made in God’s image. That is our common humanity. When we are truly living into our human-ness, we take action like God. We choose to love others, especially the poor.

And once we take action to serve the poor, it becomes possible to see our own poverty. When we serve the poor and serve with the poor, suddenly, we can relate in a new way because they help us discover our need to depend on God. The poor have a way of exposing the places in our own hearts we would rather remain hidden.

In this process, we stop depending on ourselves as we cry out to God for help. We discover ourselves as poor and needy. We experience our humanity, our weakness. And if we continue with this kind of serving—getting in touch with the depths of our own poverty—we begin to experience the heights of our own calling as the beautiful family of God. It is one of the more difficult things we will ever do, but it’s also the most rewarding. It is the process of becoming human, not heroes. And, it’s for everyone.

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