Welcome to Dream Centers

Welcome to Dream Centers

Prior to launching Dream Centers, our team performed a survey of the greatest areas of needs in Colorado Springs and the resources available to serve those needs. We use the language “points of pain” to describe the unmet needs. One of the points of pain at that time was access to health care, particularly for low-income women. While the Affordable Care Act has increased health insurance availability for many, even the most optimistic estimates still forecast more than 10 percent of the population will not have coverage. In addition to those with no coverage, there are also many poor women who have catastrophic coverage, but struggle to afford basic care before their deductible has been met. Our Women’s Clinic provides a vital link in health care for our city.

Another point of pain in Colorado Springs is homelessness. Vagrancy has received a lot of political attention in recent years, but did you know that the fastest growing segment of homelessness is single mothers with children? With very few exceptions, these mothers are victims of abuse, and need professional trauma-informed care to have any hope of breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse in their families. Dream Centers opened Mary’s Home in March of this year. Mary’s Home is a transformational housing program designed to assist these young mothers and their children as they seek to build a brighter future.

Dream Centers is privileged to serve some of the most vulnerable people in our city with these critical programs, and we invite you to journey with us as we celebrate the deep love of Christ for all humanity.


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