Poverty is a deeply rooted issue. Generation after generation of families are stuck in the cycle of poverty, and don’t have a path to break the cycle. When young moms in poverty find themselves in crisis, they have no support system to turn to and often end up on the streets. Dream Centers uses your donations to support women and children through Mary’s Home and Women’s Clinic. Join Dream Centers in writing hope-filled endings to the stories of women and children.


$98 covers the cost of one family for one day at Mary's Home


$50 Provides a Professional Trauma Counseling Appointment


$25 covers one office visit at our Women's Clinic

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“Because of the people who have supported me and prayed for me to get through Mary’s Home, I now have so much determination and am a successful college student. I see so many possibilities for my future–and my kids’ futures– that are brand new since experiencing hope in this community.” – A mother at Mary’s Home

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