Give Hope to Women and Children Experiencing Homelessness

Mary’s Home is expanding!

As part of Extreme Dream, we’re building our second building.

 But, we need your help.


Inspired by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we built an incredible new Family Life Center in just 10 days!

This new building features a safe space for kids to play, a community room and a kitchen for mothers to learn how to cook and prepare meals.

The Family Life Center is more than just a building. It’s is a place for moms to dream with their children and have hope for the future. And it’s all possible because of your generosity. Thank you!

We’re celebrating the bright futures and opportunities for incredible growth and learning that will happen in this building. But we aren’t finished dreaming yet!


The Family Services Center- a space for healing and transformative change

Classrooms with room for transformative trainings

Areas for trauma informed counseling and prayer

3 new apartments so more families can be off the street

We’re so proud of the work that’s been done so far, but we’re not done yet!

In order to reach our Extreme Dream goal and build a new

Family Services Center to serve even more women and their children,

we need your help!


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No matter the amount, every donation goes toward life transformation.


The demand for a program like Mary’s Home hasn’t slowed and limited facilities have forced Dream Centers to turn away hundreds of families seeking a safe home. Every year we are forced to turn away 400 families due to lack of space.

The ultimate vision is to put an end to family homelessness in the El Paso region by helping mothers become self-sufficient so they can provide a safe home for their children. By 2024, we hope to have room for 60 mother’s and their children to heal and develop crucial life skills. That’s another 48 families than we cannot serve now!

Extreme Dream is the next phase of expanding the care provided at Mary’s Home and we need your help!


92% of women who are homeless have suffered physical and sexual abuse.

About one child in every public school classroom experiences homelessness each year.

1768 kids in El Paso County school districts are homeless each year.