Have you ever watched a garden come to life? Planted seeds and nurtured those seeds until they became beautiful flowers? Or food for your family? Gardening is a magical, transformative process. And while it takes time and finesse, it’s something that anyone can learn to do.  

At Mary’s Home, our mothers help plant a garden every year. They, along with their children, participate in every aspect of the experience – from preparation to planting to harvesting. They’re planting seeds now – radishes and peas and carrots, strawberries and zucchini and pumpkins. Over the summer, these families will take care of the garden. They’ll water the seeds; they’ll watch the seeds become sprigs; they’ll see these tiny plants blossom into full-blown fruits and vegetables; they’ll get to harvest their crop and make a meal with something that they planted and cultivated over many months. What an inspiring transformation!

Very few of our mothers learned how to garden as children. This is an opportunity for them to learn something new – the difference between a weed and a plant, how often to water, when to trim. And then they get to turn around and teach their own children these same things. It’s amazing to see how this experience brings so much pride and joy to these families.

More than anything, the garden is therapeutic for these women. When our Mary’s Home moms participate in the garden, they get to see their efforts pay off. They get to be a tangible part of creating life. How beautiful that this process reflects their own journey. Jesus plants a seed of life. As they water that seed by engaging in healing activities and behaviors, with consistency and hard work, they start to see new life spring up. And as new life springs up, they get to taste the fruit of their efforts and share it with the people around them.