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About Mary’s Home

Mary’s Home is a faith-based supportive housing program for single mothers and children who are seeking to exit homelessness permanently. Once accepted into the program, mothers engage in informal and formal learning to gain holistic health, life skills and economic self-sufficiency while children attend childcare or school.

After an initial phase of trauma-informed care, healing, and restoration, mothers work to obtain an education, career, sustainable budget, and permanent housing.

Mary’s Home provides much more than housing. Families are welcomed into a safe, trauma-informed community to heal. Beyond healing, families experience hope through life skills classes and access to GED and college courses.

Women can grab hold of the chance to break the cycle and rewrite their stories. Families take brave steps into a new future when they start life at Mary’s Home, participating in a structured weekly schedule on location and in the community. Children attend childcare or school during the day. As mothers gain more skills, they advance into a career development and employment track. Families are empowered to set their own course to exit Mary’s Home to self-sufficiency.

Community Life

Women and children move in to a built-in community. They live in a small, fully-furnished apartment within a community of supporters and friends. Resident Adviser couples live on-site to provide day and night safety and support. Mary’s Home property is safe, clean, and comfortable with meeting rooms, a playground, and a garden.

Families pay a sliding-scale residency fee. Guidelines and rules help to stabilize and empower mothers and children. Cars are available for mothers to use and own. Our faith-based way of life nurtures love, healing, and hope. Together, we celebrate strengths and successes where forever friendships are formed.


At Mary’s Home, we serve single mothers, 18 years and older, with three or fewer children in their custody, who are seven years of age and younger.

*Women must meet all of the following criteria to be considered eligible for acceptance into life at Mary’s Home.

  1. Must be homeless, imminently homeless, and/or leaving domestic violence with their children.
  2. Must live in the El Paso County and be eligible for TANF, CCAP, and SNAP for a minimum of eighteen months.
  3. Cannot have a recent history of severe behavioral issues, criminal activity, or substance abuse.
  4. Are motivated to gain holistic health, basic life skills, and financial independence in community.

Families best suited to Mary’s Home can manage daily living with minimal supervision, live peaceably in a highly relational community, adhere to program rules and responsibilities, and progress in meeting personal and program goals.


Mary’s Home is a long-term, multi-year program (one to five years) designed to give families the opportunity to gain health and to meet the Colorado Self-Sufficiency Standard. Each mother and child establish an Individualized Support and Service Plan with the Family Advocate to track their objectives, goals, timeframes, and outcomes. Length of residency is determined by these family goals and the progress of each family in meeting their goals.

HOW DO I APPLY?* (three options)

1. Email us at
2. Apply online (see application below).
3. Call the Mary’s Home phone number 719.301.5411, press zero for Admissions, and leave a message.** Leave a name and phone number to request a phone screening. We require a phone interview before we accept an application. Eligible applicants are placed on an Eligible Applicant Waiting List and called when an opening occurs. When an opening does occur, eligible applicants may apply for residency at Mary’s Home by filling out an online application or downloading the Mary’s Home Family Application here*. Print and fill out in its entirety in clear, legible handwriting with a dark ink pen. Please scan this completed application and email it back to us at or fax it to 719.301.5412.

* We’ll review your application and send you an email within a week. If you’re eligible, your family will be asked to have an interview with us.

** The first three to six months of residency is a time of restoration, life skills training, GED studies, and career preparation. Children are in childcare or school all day during the week while mothers are engaged in structured activities. Families must be eligible for TANF and CCAP. Priority is given to eligible referrals from partner agencies.

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