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Compassionate, Quality, Free Healthcare for Women

When faced with the choice of putting food on the table for their family or self-care, women will care for their kids first.

High costs of healthcare leave many women with nowhere to turn. They skip preventative care even when experiencing dangerous symptoms, which makes their situation worse. Many low-cost and free clinics aren’t able to offer women’s health services because they are already overburdened.

The Dream Centers Women’s Clinic is the ONLY clinic in the region that combines free medical women’s health, behavioral health, and a suite of wrap-around services to uninsured and under-insured women ages 13-65. Our approach is holistic, meaning we care for not only the physical body, but also provide spiritual and social services.

Our Plan for Care


We treat every woman who comes to our clinic as a child of God. Our medical providers are empathetic and patient as they listen to each woman’s needs and concerns, providing the highest quality of care.


At the Women’s Clinic, we provide a full suite of wrap-around services including preventative care, ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, and chiropractic appointments. We also care for the minds and souls through counseling and prayer.


We remind women of their value during every step of the process and encourage them to care for themselves by coming back for regular checkups. The clinic staff and volunteers get to know our patients and welcome them into a family.

Providing for Mind, Body, and Soul

Here are a few of the services offered at the Women’s Clinic:

Medical services 
  • Well-Woman Exam (includes Pap smear, breast exam and physical)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection tests and treatment
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Initial OB ultrasounds
  • Birth Control and Education
  • GYN ultrasounds
  • Menopause and hormone management
  • Breast cancer screenings for women 40-64 years old
  • Cervical cancer screenings for women 40-64 years old

Additional services 
  • Mental health counseling
  • Prayer ministry
  • Chiropractic care
  • Medical massage
  • Resource advocacy

Get Involved

The Women’s Clinic is fueled by the generosity of the community. Through your support, we’re able to provide free, high-quality healthcare to women.