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Who helped you get where you are?

Gratitude creates rhythms of powerful change. Consider those who have encouraged and supported your personal journey — how their support built stability for your own dreams.

Gratitude changes how we see others.

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Foster gratitude for those who helped you, and empower those beginning to dream.

Overcoming difficult circumstances is not inevitable. It takes consistent support from caring people to create the hope that keeps us climbing. Remember who you’ve counted on to help you make your own dreams a reality, and experience the power of that gratitude creating change for others.

The Reliable Impact of Dream Makers:

Your monthly gift helps provide:

  • Consistent holistic care for the patients and families our programs serve
  • Dependable access to integrated free healthcare for women and teens through the Women’s Clinic suite of wrap-around services
  • Long-term support for women and children exiting homelessness as Mary’s Home residents.

I knew they’d be there. I knew they’d help. I knew that when I called they would answer.

Dream Centers Family

The support of Dream Makers makes a life-changing difference.In 2019 our donors helped generate:

patient contacts
women and children served
families enrolled in Mary’s Home programs
medical visits at the Clinic
counseling visits
ultrasounds performed at the Clinic

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  • Donations can be made using the online form or by mailing in a check.
  • For other ways to give to Dream Centers, please contact us at 719.204.6543.