Mary's Home

A Safe Haven for Women and Children

to Rewrite Their Dreams



Homelessness in Colorado Springs

A single mom with two kids needs to make $57,000 annually to be self-sufficient in Colorado Springs. But, income for single moms is under $30,000 a year.

One child in every public school classroom experiences homelessness each year.

1 in 4 renters pay more than half their income on rent.

Who are these families?

65% of women who are homeless have children with them and will fight to care for their children over themselves.

92% have experienced severe physical and or sexual abuse.

These brave, resilient women are the fastest growing segment of people experiencing homelessness. Yet, these moms are often hidden from our awareness because they are not begging on street corners.

More than a Home.

A Place to Rebuild.

We exist to create a safe haven for women escaping cycles of poverty, abuse, and homelessness in our community. After a thorough application process, Mary’s Home residents are given access to:

Supportive Relationships

Resources to Heal and Stabilize

Long Term Housing

Life Skills

Career Development

No Longer Alone

“I never had supportive relationships. I was always fending for myself. I don’t really know what to do at Mary’s Home! There are so many people surrounding me who care about me and want to see me succeed. I feel so supported and encouraged. This is the beginning of a new life and the opportunity to embrace community.”

– A mom at Mary’s Home

The Mary’s Home Journey

It all starts with a desire to change. Mary’s Home is open to any single-mother family experiencing crisis who desires to heal and commit to a life-changing process. Unlike many poverty centers and short-term programs, we treat the whole individual, preferring to develop deep, long-term relationships with families and create lasting change.


Get Involved

Care for one family costs $39,000 annually at Mary’s Home. This is 80% less than the average cost of care the city/public services spend to provide for people who are homeless. Your involvement is making a lifelong impact on the women we serve every day.