Mary’s Home

A community that helps women and children break free from the cycles of poverty and homelessness.

A Safe Place | Trauma-Informed Healing | Rewritten Stories

About Mary’s Home

Poverty is a deeply rooted issue. Generation after generation of families are stuck in the cycle of poverty, and don’t have a path to break the cycle. When young moms in poverty find themselves in crisis, they have no support system to turn to and often end up on the streets.


92% of women who experience homelessness have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse. When they don’t have care and support they are left feeling empty and worthless. Most homeless shelters offer simply that, shelter, without any guidance or support to change the trajectory of a life.


At Mary’s Home we provide more than shelter. Families receive both medical and behavioral health services. They are welcomed into a safe, trauma-informed place to heal. Beyond healing we provide hope through life skill classes and access to college classes. Mary’s Home offers a chance to break the cycle and rewrite stories.

“I’ve never personally been to the Dream Centers, but a close friend of mine has been absolutely blessed beyond belief by the wonderful people there. I truly believe they saved her life. Thank you so much.” Rebecca

What makes Mary’s Home unique?


We have a proven five-year plan to empower women and children to break out of the cycle of poverty. Mary’s Home is one of a select few programs in the nation that walks with women and children from homelessness to independence.



We offer a safe place to call home, rest, and heal for both women and their children.


We train women in important life skills that will serve them as they move towards independence.


After their time at Mary’s Home, women leave with the tools they need for their families to not only survive but to thrive.

We partner with the community to provide life changing services for women and children who find themselves on the streets. Single mother families are the fastest growing part of the homeless population. 

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Mary’s Home is a caring and safe home where women and their children have the space to heal, gain life skills and prepare to live on their own.


As they begin to heal from past trauma, women at Mary’s Home have access to behavioral health professionals to help them process. They are empowered through life skills classes where they learn parenting, housekeeping and budgeting. When they are ready, we offer vocational training and access to college courses allowing them to reset the trajectory of their lives.


Care for the average family costs Mary’s Home $36,000 a year. When the community provides care for women and children who are homeless the cost is much higher, around $171,000. Become a financial partner today and join us in helping women and children in crisis start a fresh chapter in their story.

Julie* had her first child when she was 18, and her second child shortly after. She was in a relationship with her children’s dad who abused her and even beat her while she was pregnant.


Julie didn’t know where to go, and to suppress the pain she started drinking. Eventually she left the abusive relationship and found herself unable to support and care for her two daughters. They had nothing to eat and nowhere to go.


Julie’s pastor referred her to Mary’s Home. Moving in was one of the best days of her life. Since she has moved in, Julie has grown her faith and is fighting every day to put her life back together. Mary’s Home saved Julie’s life and the lives of her daughters. Through a safe home to live in and a safe place to heal stories have been rewritten.


Without Mary’s Home we don’t know where Julie and her daughters would be. The average homeless single mother in U.S. is in her 20s with two young children. Most of these women have experienced violence and their children have witnessed violence.

At Mary’s home we empower women by providing them with a safe, trauma informed space where they are allowed to heal.

Join us in empowering women and children to rewrite their stories and break the cycle of poverty.