About Dream Centers

Dream Centers is made up of people with one common goal in mind – leveraging our resources to see our city flourish. We partner with the greater Colorado Springs community to provide holistic care and services with compassion, faith, and justice so that broken lives can be restored to wholeness.

Our Story

Dream Centers’ founding vision continues today – to identify and fill the greatest gaps in care–the points of pain–for people suffering in the Pikes Peak region. As a result, our two pillar programs, The Women’s Clinic and Mary’s Home, were formed.

Now, Dream Centers residents at Mary’s Home and patients at the Women’s Clinic are rebuilding their dreams. They are becoming hopeful, helpful, and healthier to create a better life for their families, and build a better community for all.

Our Mission

To provide health and hope for people working to rebuild their dreams.

Our Outcomes Extend Beyond Numbers

"If you would have told me two years ago, before entering Mary's Home, that I'd have a safe place to live and the opportunity to attend college and build a future for myself and my kids - I would have said you were crazy. Now, the dreams I never had are becoming my dreams AND my reality!"

Mary's Home Mother

"I was scared. I knew something was wrong. Two part-time jobs and student loans made it impossible for me to afford a doctor's visit. I’m so grateful for the people who donate to make Dream Centers possible for women like me who are struggling to make ends meet. You saved my life!"

Women's Clinic Patient

Dream Centers Staff

Ileana Arnold
Mary's Home Operations Manager
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Bio coming soon!

Matthew Ayers
Pastor and CEO
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In his role at CEO and Pastor of Dream Centers, Matthew is all about connecting and serving people with excellence. He spent several years in the Air Force, building and managing air and space programs, and teaching at USAFA, before founding Dream Centers in 2011. He geeks out on all things leadership and theology, but gets even more life from adventure in the great outdoors with family and friends and seeing people overcome their challenges.

He enjoys travel, reading, the arts, outdoors, and live music. You might see him trail running the Rockies, enjoying the best coffees that Colorado Springs has to offer, or enjoying his neighborhood with his wife, Amber, his son, Zeke, and his daughter, Halle Joy.

To reach Matthew, please email megan.warren@dreamcenters.com 

Ashley Brownlee
Mary's Home Admissions Coordinator
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Ashley serves in the role of Admissions Coordinator at Mary’s Home. She loves working in a well-rounded and wholistic environment where staff and residents all care for one another deeply. Whether staff or resident,  at Mary’s Home. everyone is part of a family that comes together to support each other to the best of our ability. For Ashley, getting to come in to work every day excited to see her coworkers and motivated to do her job is the biggest blessing in the world.

Ashley is a single mom from Tennessee with one beautiful little girl. She loves to be outdoors because the mountains and trees make all of her problems seem so small compared to what God has created. She and her daughter love to ice skate, play board games, and snuggle up on the couch together at the end of the day. She is passionate about clean eating and is obsessed with Thai and Mexican food!

Kylie Day
Mary's Home Family Advocate
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For Kylie, it is such an honor and gift to get to partner in the healing and transformative work that God is doing here in this city. She loves being surrounded daily by the brave, powerful, resilient women at Mary’s Home.

Kylie is always up for an adventure and especially loves being in the mountains, even more so if there’s a body of water to play in or sit by. She also loves traveling, learning from new cultures, sitting in local coffee shops, reading good books, and hanging out with family and friends.

She once bungee jumped in Africa at Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

Samantha Guan, RDMS
Women’s Clinic Sonographer
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Samantha serves as the Sonographer for the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic. She has a passion for women’s health and enjoys the opportunity to get to know and serve the women who come through the clinic, each with their own personal journeys.

Samantha is registered with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) specializing in OB/GYN sonography. She previously worked as a Sonographer for a Los Angeles County outpatient clinic before being called to move to Colorado and joining the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic in 2015. Samantha enjoys watching God’s beautiful sunsets, hiking in the mountains, listening to an eclectic variety of music especially 60s music, going to outdoor concerts, and traveling with her husband and their two boys.

Sue Harrelson
Director of Volunteer Engagement
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It is Sue’s joy and delight to get to know the amazing people who come to work and volunteer with Dream Centers and to share in making a positive impact in the community. She is so grateful to be a part of a Dream Centers family that loves and serves well.

Sue loves photography! Seeing new places, reading, cooking, and hiking are some of her favorite things. While Sue currently resides in Missouri, her Colorado Springs dining favorites include Leon Gessi’s pizza and Monica’s breakfast burritos!

Michelle Hubbard
Women’s Clinic Operations Director
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In her role as Women’s Clinic Operations Director, Michelle loves serving with a community of awesome people who are dedicated to showing the love of Christ with no judgement. 

Michelle loves the outdoors, and a few of her favorite outdoor hobbies are camping and fishing. She has three amazing kids who are doing great things through academics and athletics in college and high school. A local favorite for her is the Fountain Nature Center.

Natalie Johnson, MS, PA-C
Dream Centers Women’s Clinic Director
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Natalie Johnson has over 15 years of experience working as a Physician Assistant in Oncology, Family Practice, and Women’s Health. In her role as Clinic Director for the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic, she loves serving the women and helping to meet their physical, spiritual and mental needs.

Natalie enjoys spending time with her boys and husband, working out, traveling, Christian praise music and impressionist art.

Diana Jones
Mary's Home Community Advocate
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My favorite aspect of working at Dream Centers is that Dream Centers is a place of limitless opportunities. In my role as Mary’s Home Community Advocate, I am passionate about creating an environment for people to gather, laugh, and connect.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my daughter; baking cookies, crafting or going on little adventures in our beautiful state, Colorado.

Sarah Knierim
Mary's Home Program Director
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Working at Dream Centers gives me the amazing privilege of overseeing our holistic, high-challenge/high support program for single moms coming out of homelessness, as well as the opportunity to develop leaders and connect with our amazing community partners. Dream Centers is truly motivated by a love for God’s Kingdom and a love for people which makes it a wonderful place to serve.

I am a wife of 17 years and mom to five daughters. Outside of work, you can find me at one of my daughter’s various activities, snuggling with my miniature schnauzer, trying a new craft, or reading something old. Our family also has served as a foster family for El Paso County for the past nine years.

Nora MacKenzie
Vice President of Advancement
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Nora loves that she gets to play a role in helping women and families rebuild their lives. She does this through cultivating relationships with Dream Centers’ generous supporters and prospective donors, sharing the stories of impact and change happening every day, and finding inspiring ways to invite others to partner with Dream Centers to bring health and hope to those being served.

God, family, friends, travel and sports are a big deal for Nora. Nothing matters more than her walk with the Lord and honoring Him with her time, talents and treasure. Utilizing her gift of hospitality, along with her husband Jim’s culinary skills, they enjoy hosting gatherings at their home. Travel is a personal passion of Nora’s. She is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and has been known to wear her jersey and wave her Terrible Towel proudly, even though she lives in Bronco territory.

Whitney Magowan, RN
Women’s Clinic Medical Office Coordinator
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As a registered nurse and Medical Office Coordinator at the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic, Whitney’s desire is to serve, encourage, and care for those in need. She loves that at the Dream Centers Women’s Clinic, she can share hope with those who may feel hopeless and love those who feel unloved.

Whitney enjoys going on adventures with her three daughters in the gorgeous Colorado mountains while camping, hiking, biking, and exploring. Spending time with her family, travel, art, and photography are some of her other interests.

Devon Marry
Mary's Home Administrative Assistant
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I love the intentionality behind every idea, word, decision, and action. Dream Centers is the place where I am seen, valued, and loved, not just for what I bring to the table, but for who I am as a person… and that goes a long way.

Family time fills my cup along with making clay earrings, taking time to grocery shop, and doing absolutely anything outdoors. I am always on the lookout for new podcasts, coffee shops, books, and little big moments to spend with Jesus.

Stacy Noble
First Impressions Director
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Stacy loves serving others in the community with a staff that is a family. She appreciates the kindness and generosity of Dream Centers’ leadership team. For Stacy, Dream Centers is a place where she feels cared for and restored while getting to care for and witness the transformation of the women who come to the Clinic. Everywhere she turns, she feels surrounded by support and love.

Stacy’s 2 adult daughters and her precious grandson bring incredible joy to her life! She loves Jesus with all of her heart and He has always been her constant companion. Stacy’s hobbies include reading and crocheting. Stacy collects snowmen and has them up all year round!

Bethany Parker
Mary's Home Family Advocate
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Bethany loves her role at Mary’s Home working as a Family Advocate. Her favorite part of the job is working in a place that is so deeply committed to holistic care. 

Bethany love to be outside enjoying nature. She is passionate about Thai food and loves to spend time with her epically adorable nieces and nephews. 

Meleina Reyes
Donor Services Coordinator
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Meleina serves as the Donor Services Coordinator at Dream Centers. She loves Dream Centers’ mission and passion to create a difference and bring about impactful change in the lives of vulnerable women and children. She is honored to be a part of the daily work of seeing families and individuals find healing and hope through our programs. For Meleina, getting to advance the Kingdom of God by collaborating with supporters who also have a deep love for our community is truly an honor.

In her free time, Meleina loves spending quality time with friends and family over a good cup of coffee, playing pickle ball or going for a fun hike. She enjoys traveling, exploring new cities, and experiencing different cultures.

Dora Rush-Baumert
Mary's Home Property Manager
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Bio Coming Soon!

Joseph Schmidt
Director of Operations
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I love so many things about Dream Centers! I love working with our incredible staff who always makes me laugh, draws me closer to Jesus, and is so dedicated to serving the needs of our neighbors. I love that Dream Centers directly contributes to bettering this city that we love, and that we get to show the love of Jesus through our service.

My wife and I have been married since 2009, and have 2 incredible children, River and Michael. All of us are lovers of music, reading, laughter, and the sciences. In my free time I love playing guitar, reading science fiction and fantasy books, following UFC, and spending time with friends over a hot beverage.

Rachel Stickel
Donor Engagement Manager
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I love that by working at Dream Centers I’m equipping women to live free, fulfilled, flourishing lives—helping them see themselves as God sees them: valuable and worthy. I love connecting donors to this ministry and creating a thriving partnership with them.

When not working, you’ll usually find me playing some pretend game with my daughter Maddie or hanging with my husband Matt watching Survivor or playing an RPG. My favorite days are spent exploring the outdoors with the two of them whether it’s traversing around Prospect Lake or climbing around Bear Creek Nature Center. I also enjoy Sundays with extended family playing board games and relaxed evenings with friends.

Jessica Stiffler
Associate Director of Development
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Jess loves being apart of a mission that focuses on loving the city well and providing critical services that may not otherwise exist. She takes great pride in the Dream Centers’ culture and values of excellence, generosity, and intentionality. She enjoys building relationships with the partners that support Dream Centers’ programs and make it all possible.

Jess’ free time is spent enjoying quality time with her husband, exploring Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, curling up with a good novel, or traveling somewhere new.

Megan Warren
Dream Centers Executive Assistant
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Megan loves being able to help support the incredible work of healing and restoring of hope that is done at Dream Centers. While her work looks different everyday, the one thing that never changes is the incredible team of people at Dream Centers who deeply love the community and tirelessly strive to make Colorado Springs a better place!

She loves to read, try new recipes, and walk or hike with her husband, Trent. They have a cat named Harley Quinn who is beloved by Megan and tolerated by everyone else. Megan spends many evenings on the couch watching the latest Superhero/Starwars/Crime TV show. She loves smoothies, Dutch Bros, and can never say no to Mexican food—especially if sharing the meal with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dream Centers?

Dream Centers is a community of people leveraging their resources to serve our city and help it flourish. We help women and families exit homelessness and lead sustainable, successful lives with minimal public assistance. We do this by providing holistic health, education, and career resources.

Are you related to other "Dream Centers"?

The overall framework for Dream Centers is the only relation we have with other Dream Centers across the country. All Dream Centers operate independently with their own unique beliefs, structure, funding and programs.

Are you a church ministry?

We are not a church ministry, we are a faith-based nonprofit. Read more about our beliefs here.

Do you have to be a Christian to receive services?

No, you do not need to be a Christian to receive services and support from Women’s Clinic or Mary’s Home. Dream Centers is a faith-based nonprofit, which means all staff members and volunteers are active believers. Our purpose is to establish a supportive space for all of God’s children.

Can I come visit and see what Dream Centers does?

Yes! Each month, both programs host their own tours. We welcome you to come see the amazing work being done on the ground to support women and families. Sign up here!

How can I learn more about Dream Centers?

You can learn more about Mary’s Home and The Women’s Clinic on each program’s page. For more insight on daily life and services at Dream Centers, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

How is Dream Centers funded?

Contributions that support the programs come from individual donations, businesses or partnerships, and grants. Monthly donations through our Dream Makers program help sustain consistent funding. Become a Dream Maker and donate today!

How pervasive is the need for this work?

The need is real and widespread. In El Paso County, CO, 2,142 children were identified as experiencing homelessness by the Colorado Department of Education in the school year of 2017-2018.

The National Center for Homeless states over 92% of homeless mothers have experienced severe physical and/or sexual abuse during their lifetime and that children experiencing homelessness have 3 times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems compared to non-homeless children.

The 2017 Colorado Health Access Survey states that 8.1% of Coloradans below the poverty line are uninsured. And that 21% of Coloradans below the federal poverty line spend more than 20% of their income on out-of-pocket health costs.

Does all the money donated actually go to the cause?

In CY 2018, our expenses showed that 71.3% were dedicated to program service expenses, 15.7% as administration expenses, and 13% as fundraising expenses. View our annual reports.

What does it mean to offer holistic healthcare at the Women's Clinic?

Offering holistic care means we care for not only the physical body, but also provide counseling, prayer, and social services to support mental and spiritual health. We also provide a full suite of wrap-around services including preventative care, ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, chiropractic, massage and physical therapy services. View more information on the Women’s Clinic.

Who does the Women’s Clinic serve?

The Women’s Clinic serves uninsured and under-insured women ages 13 to 65.

How many families does Mary's Home serve at one time?

Mary’s Home works with 19 families at one time. On average we serve 15 single mothers with 1 to 2 children – approximately up to 60 people served. The Mary’s Home model includes housing and comprehensive services designed to give mothers the necessary tools to achieve lasting self-sufficiency, stable employment and secure permanent housing.

Are you a shelter?

We are not a shelter. We provide long-term, high-challenge and supportive residential services to single-mother-led families exiting homelessness. For more information or to apply to Mary’s Home click here.