An Update on The Enterprise
Zone Tax Credit

Effective January 1st, 2023, the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credit was replaced with Colorado’s Homeless Contribution Tax Credit (HCTC). As the first ever homeless-specific tax credit program, HCTC provides a 25% state income tax credit to Colorado taxpayers who contribute to eligible homelessness-related projects within Colorado.

Although the name of the program and donation collection process have changed, when you support mothers and children of Mary’s Home through this new program, gifts of $100 or more will still qualify you for a tax credit up to 25%. You can nearly double the size of your gift – and the impact of your generosity – without increasing your net cost!

As a result of this transition to the new program, please note that we are no longer able to accept any checks made out to Enterprise Zone.

What It Means for Your Donations:

What It Means for Your Donations:

Stay tuned for more information coming soon on how to make your HCTC tax-deductible donation! For questions or assistance processing your gift in the meantime, please contact us at 719-247-2007 or

For more information on HCTC, visit the state website at:

Thank you for all you do to support the families of Mary’s Home and we look forward to your continued partnership and support through this new program.